Paternity Disputes

Paternity disputes is one of the most complicated and serious domestic relations issues. There can be a dispute regarding the identification of the biological father. Paternity issue might arise even if the couple is unmarried but mother has still the right to claim the money for the child support such as the medical expenses, birth costs, health insurance etc. The court orders the genetic or DNA test to determine the child’s true father.

Even in the divorce cases or when the child is born before the date of marriage this problem can occur. The result of the test if positive the father has to pay for the child support irrespective of with or without the wedlock. The state takes the financial condition of the father under consideration then passes the order accordingly.

The case can be other way round also as sometimes the father wants the right to the child but the mother does not allow that to happen which also leads to paternity disputes. If you are involved in a paternity dispute and you are seeking to defend yourself against a paternity establishment, you need the support of the tactful legal advocacy to protect your rights and the timely action can really make things turn in your favor.

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