Condemnation Law

A Philadelphia condemnation lawyer can help homeowners when they have been served with condemnation and eminent domain tickets from a government entity. The laws in most states grant a government agency the power to take private property either partially or as a whole for use by the public.

In most cases, the condemnation and eminent domain is acquired for transportation facilities such as streets or highways, water and/or sewer lines or other public utility. The power of the law is awesome, but the property owner does have the right to expect and demand compensation for the property. A Philadelphia condemnation law firm can protect the property owner’s rights and ensure that the government agency pays the owner full market value for their property.

Condemnation attorneys in the Philadelphia area usually advise the property owner not to accept the property appraisal made by the government entity that is exercising their condemnation and eminent domain rights. Property owners are entitled to full market value for their property along with moving expenses, engineering fees, appraisal fees, severance damages and attorney fees. Property owners who retain a Philadelphia, Philadelphia Attorney condemnation attorney to protect their rights have been compensated fairly by the government entity.

The goal of any attorney is to protect the rights of the property owner and make sure they are treated fairly and receive the retribution they deserve for the condemned property. A Philadelphia condemnation lawyer may, with the consent of the client, consult with other experts in order to gain more insight into the proceeding. The attorney may consult with real estate agents who know the area where the condemned property is located. They may also speak with appraisers, engineers, photographers and surveyors to name a few of the many experts in the local area that may have more information.

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